Mari Mana // Floating

"Floating" by Mari Mana

music + stopmotion video
Mari Mana

sound, recording, music production
Mo Stern

mural painting and additional pics

about the video
This stop motion music video is made out of over 2000 photos taken in 2016 during the demolition of an old industrial building in Berlin (Schöneweide). Friends had rented it about 10 years earlier and slowly turned the abandoned building into a beloved studio and home. Grafitty artist "Lake" painted the green portrait on one side of the house. But then the property was sold, the artists kicked out, the building torn down, and a superfluous supermarket was built instead - one of many cases in Berlin where more and more studios/creative spaces disappear. Obviously the video runs backwards… we turn back time and the house slowly rises back from the ashes :-)